Accelerated Technology Taiwan Corp.


Accelerated Technology Taiwan (AT Taiwan) started software business since 1995, offering RTOS software, DSP software, development tools, IoT Protocol, SSL, Application Server, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT, IoT & Device Management System, Smart Home solutions. We help our customers to minimize their entire development cost/efforts and shorten their products’ time to market.

With AT Taiwan’s long term experience in the market, we are proud to partner with eForce to provide one of the best products to the customers.


Accelerated Technology Taiwan Corp.


μC3,Barracuda Application Server (BAS), SharkSSL, SMQ, adviceLUNA, OS Changer, AppCOE, TR-069 Device Management, Smart Home Open Platform, Internet of Things Product Line.

Besides of μC3, the product description are as below:
– Real Time Logic: Barracuda Application Server – Complete Suite of Embedded Web Development Tools. | SMQ – IoT Protocal. | SharkSSL – Embedded SSL/TLS Client & Server.
– DTS Insight: adviceLUNA – A professional JTAG ICE for which from kernel to applications of Linux OS; provides a seamless debugging.
– Mapusoft: OS Changer – a C/C++ source-level virtualization technology that allows you to easily re-use your software developed. | AppCOE – a framework of common architecture that promotes interoperability and cross-platform capabilities among systems and devices.
– Friendly Technologies: TR-069 Device Management – a unified, scalable and robust device management solution enabling carriers and CSPs to automate the deployment and support of Data. | Smart Home Open Platform – a full solution for smart automation and management of millions of households. | Internet of Things Product Line – it enables remote management of any type of IoT device, including constrained devices via standard protocols, such as: LWM2M, OMA-DM, MQTT, TR 069 and other proprietary protocols.